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Free Dessert
x_incarnadine's icon dumps!
1st-May-2010 06:48 pm
Hi everyone! It sure has been awhile; please forgive me! College has been eating up my life. I'm quite glad my freshman year is about to come to an end!

Well, today I bring you a mix of icons!

08 x JinOn (F.Cuz)
06 x Kan (F.Cuz)
43 x dolls
06 x stock


[ this entry will remain public until next post! ]


1. Please credit me if using: free_dessert @ LJ
2. Upload onto your own server!!
3. Textless icons are NOT bases
4. Please don't steal or copy these; I worked hard on them even though it might not seem like it
5. Icons may look different (in a bad way) on your screen; this is out of my control, sorry!

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